Installed software

Last update: June 7, 2009

Here is an alphabetically sorted list of the software I purchased for my iPod Touch and the software that I use most on my Pocket PC. This is not all software that I own, but I can’t have everything installed at all times. I downloaded many iPod Touch games while they were free so there’s a lot more (now paid, or still free) software in my iTunes library. Also, since I only use my Pocket PC for the phone and PIM features, I hardly have any software installed on it these days.

In general I will have the newest versions of these softwares, but it may be possible that I choose not to upgrade to a newer version if my need for the new features doesn’t justify the cost for me.

The name of the product will be a clickable link to the Appshopper page (iPod Touch) or product page (Pocket PC). In case of an iPod Touch app, AppShopper will tell you more about the software. In the Pocket PC section there is some more info: between brackets, is the name of the developer. Then there is a small description of what the software does, and occasionaly there’s a link to another place on this blog where that product is mentioned too. However, to make sure that you find all places where a certain piece of software is mentioned on this site, please use the “Search” box in the sidebar.

iPod Touch (1st generation, 8 GB)

Pocket PC: HTC TyTn II

  • HomeScreen ++ (ikarus)- A today plugin that is highly customizable using .xml files, it could replace lots of other plugins. [Article]
  • ceTwit (Kosertech) – A free Twitter client for Windows Mobile.
  • Device Lock (armstrom) – A small tool that I use instead of the built-in “Device Lock” Today plugin. This tool can be set to a hardware button and doesn’t need to be on the Today screen so it saves valuable screen space. You can even delete the control panel applet from the \Windows folder to make the program use less storage space.
  • ListPro (Ilium Software) – An award-winning list program.
  • PocketBreeze (SBSH) – A Today screen plugin that shows your appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, messages, and allows you to also insert custom tabs for built-in or third party Today screen plugins. My favourite!
  • PhoneWeaver (SBSH) – A profile manager, that can do a lot more than what I use it for. Small size and memory use are priority in the development for this software, which is important for a piece of software that you rely and trust on.
  • Photo Viewer (Resco) – My favourite image viewer for almost every type of image.
  • PocketNotepad (Tillanosoft) – A free notepad for PocketPC, I use it for editing .xml files etc.
  • Resco Explorer (Resco) – My favourite File Explorer and Registry editor (the only plugin I have installed is the Registry plugin). [Review]
  • SK Tools (SKKV Software) – The other multitool. For a low price you get a LOT. Clean and optimize your device (files, registry, databases, etc), backup (and if needed: restore) your device, arrange Today plugins and Input Methods, fix notifications, check running processes, perform benchmarks, clean your PIM, move .dll’s, etc. [Review]
  • Sprite Backup (Sprite Software) – I thought it would be good to have the, publicly recognized, best backup tool to secure my mobile wellbeing.
  • BeelineGPS (VisualGPS) – GPS software that I use when geocaching.