Review: Triforce Touch Screen Pointer

A little while ago I read a review on about the Krusell Touch Screen Pointer, and I was intrigued by the product. It’s a plastic pointer attached to a lanyard. Using the this pointer you’ll no langer have to take the stylus out of your device because the lanyard with the pointer is attached to your device, and always withing reach. I wondered how useful it would be for me, so I did some further investigation. The review didn’t mention the price of the product, and neither did the Krusell website (they just let you locate a store in your country). One of the few stores in my country that had the Touch Screen Pointer (Expansys) sold them for 18 euros (about $28 according to Google Conversion), so I thought: “That’s quite expensive, can’t it be any cheaper?”. Luckily, the TiltSite review mentioned that the Touch Screen Pointer was actually created by Triforce, a Swedish company. And, surprisingly enough, they sell them for just 6,95 Euros! Shipping is 2 Euros, worldwide. So no matter where you live, you’ll pay 8,95 Euros which is only half of what it would cost me to purchase it from the local Expansys store. This proves that it’s good to do some searching when you’re planning a purchase.

Anyway, read on after the break to find what this Touch Screen Pointer is all about (the name should reveal it already though), and if it can help you in your Pocket PC (or any device with a touch-screen) usage.

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Review: PDair Leather case for HTC TyTN II – Book Type (Black) Version.2

As many people know, a Pocket PC needs to be protected in two ways. The contents need to be secured (backups of your data, as well as password/PIN security), but the hardware of your device is just as important. That’s why I always apply a screen protector as soon as possible, and also want to make sure that I have a nice case that fits to my needs. I used to have a pretty nice case for my HTC TyTn II, but as it got damaged, I started to look for a replacement. When I came across the Leather case for HTC TyTn II – Book Type (Black) version.2 by PDair, I was very pleasantly surprised by it’s design.

There’s a lot to say about this case, so I will keep the introduction short and start immediately with the ordering and shipment process, after the break.

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