Trading stocks on the iPod Touch/iPhone: Comparing iPSX and iTrade.

EDIT – iPSX has been pulled from the app store due to the amount of bugs and design flaws it had. Movile hasn’t commented on the future of iPSX in the past few weeks so as of now, iTrade is the only stock trading simulation game in the iTunes App Store. I’ve been in contact with the developers in the past and I can fully recommend iTrade.

stocksA few days ago, iPSX (App Store link) ($1.99 now, $2.99 after introduction sale) was released in the app store and today the first update went live, along with the release of a competing application, iTradeĀ (App Store link) (free). Both applications allow you to play a stock trading game. The game is realistic in that you ‘trade’ in stocks that are available on the US markets and the prices you can buy/sell them at are at almost real time. They will be a few minutes behind due to financial reasons (it costs a lot of money to show real time quotes) but the prices they stocks are bought/sold at are current prices. But it’s also a fantasy game, since you play with imaginary money. iPSX gives you a portfolio of $10,000,000, iTrade gives you $100,000 and you try to make that into as much as you can.

In this article I will compare the versions of these games that are out on May 1st, 2009 (this includes the first iPSX update, and the release version of iTrade). Where possible, I will mention the plans of the developers to improve their game.

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