About this blog

This is not a blog that will be updated daily, like some iPhone or PPC news/reviews blogs. It’s not a news blog to begin with, I don’t want to simply repeat what other blogs can bring to a much larger audience in less time anyway. And while it was for the most part a Pocket PC game review blog, I now play games mostly on my iPod Touch and don’t regularly write extensive reviews for the games I play anymore.

So I just wanted to have a page where I could write some articles about the games I play, show you my home/today screen, share a list with names of all the software that is installed on my devices, and simply talk about what interests me in the iPod Touch/Windows Mobile world.

It’s the kind of website I’d enter in the “Website” field when I register on a forum or comment on a blog.
It’s the kind of website you’d enter in your RSS reader to automatically check for updates because there won’t be new content often enough to check back daily (or even weekly).

Just a personal site where you can find some background articles about my use of my mobile gadgets!

NB: When I do write reviews, I often use review copies or review samples of the products I write about. They are likely to be provided for free by the developer/designer, but in no way does that impact my objectivity. If I don’t like a product, I’m open about it. The reason why my reviews are often positive (and the same goes for most reviews in the iDevice/Windows Mobile community I believe) is that I write reviews about things I’m interested in. That means that I’ve probably already tried the lite/trial version of the software and liked it enough to want to write about the full version.