Ilium turns 11 next week, and celebrates!

I can remember that Ilium Software turned 10 like it was last month.
However, it has already been a year since they celebrated that birthday.
So next week there is reason for a party again!

This is the key part of the e-mail Judie sent to me this afternoon:

We’re planning a week-long celebration, with a contest each day. We’ll be giving away Amazon gift cards, as well as copies of our software. The contests will be run on our blog, at, from Monday, June 2nd, through Friday, June 6th.

And, since no anniversary party would be complete without a big sale, we’re having one of those too! For five days, we’ll be offering a 55% discount off the regular price of all of our software. The link to the anniversary sale page will be: (The page isn’t live yet but it will be there on Monday!)

So that’s a daily contest and discounts of more than 50%, for several days! Be aware that you need to be on the specific websites addresses to take advantage of these celebrations, but I´m guessing that Judie will put links to these sections on the homepage as well. Be sure to bookmark these pages already!


2 thoughts on “Ilium turns 11 next week, and celebrates!

  1. Congrats on yet another win, Stefan! Are there any contests out there where you haven’t won?! :)

  2. Thank you!! Obviously I haven’t won the Resco skin competition and things are not looking too bright either. And I didn’t win last months lottery! ;-)
    But a Amazon gift card will allow me to do some cool e-shopping as well!

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