Resco skin competition: I can use your help!

A month after announcing the Resco Keyboard Pro Skin Competition, it is now time to vote. Exactly 50 skins were submitted so it will be quite tough to become first place winner, and claiming the HTC Touch that is first prize.

That’s why I’d like to ask all my readers to vote for my Gesta skin (details here). It’s really easy. Just navigate to this page:
and then look for the Gesta skin by spmwinkel.
The number of the skin (and the position on the page) will depend on how many votes my skin has, so hopefully it will be close to the top of your screen.

If enough people vote for the Gesta skin before the end of June, I will win a HTC Touch (or a software suite from Resco) so of course that would be a great way to go into the summer.

I would really appreciate your help! :)


12 thoughts on “Resco skin competition: I can use your help!

  1. Just voted. I found your entry at the bottom, but after I voted, it went up top – #4. There’s a lot of really good entries there… good luck, Stefan!

  2. Thanks a lot! It was at #10 when I first checked this morning, but I’m glad to see that it has moved to 4th position. The first three are the hardest to beat though. ;)

  3. You’re getting great support from all our friends, Stefan – hope you win this thing. I just voted again from home. :)

  4. That’s great! I found out that I can vote once from my PPC as well, my phone network is different from my ADSL provider so I can vote with both. :)

    As for the support, that is really amazing. I e-mailed some friends (SolSie, Patrick from JAMM, Doug & Tariq from MyTodayScreen) just because I hoped to get their vote, I never expected that they’d post about it. I guess being active on forums and blogs pays off! :D

    I’m slowly working my way into the top 3, I wonder where the first three skins get their vote from, they must have done some campaigning among their friends and family as well. :)

  5. Up to #3 now. I haven’t checked there yet, but is this on SBSH’s forums as well? How about Aximsite/Mobilitysite? :)

  6. Yeah I keep getting more votes, it’s great :). I’ve put it in my SBSH signature, and on the Mobilitysite forum I posted in a topic about an older Resco Keyboard Pro competition. I’m not sure if I should open special topics about it, wouldn’t it be kind of spam?

  7. Yeah, I wouldn’t create a new thread specifically talking about the competition. Hopefully the publicity coming from the other sites would be enough to put you to the top. What are you going to do with your Wizard and your Tilt when you win the Touch? :)

  8. The Wizard is my backup device, it has been untouched for weeks but just in case I have problems with my TyTn II I can extract the pim data from a backup and take the Wizard. If I win, I can enjoy the rest of the summer with a very slim device that fits into my pocket a lot better! That’s great for summer time… But I guess it’s possible that I’d miss the specs of the TyTn II, so I’m defenitely not giving it away or selling i right away. :)

  9. Thanks a lot! :D

    I’m losing hope a bit, the person in first place got an unbelievable amount of votes this morning. I was ~5,5% behind yesterday but now he had twice as much votes as I have. :(

  10. Hi Stefan,
    I just voted for your skin today. I won the Resco keyboard at Mytodayscreen and I tried most of the skins, and I like yours the most.
    Best of luck in the contest!

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