Shootouts: Weather applications, on MyTodayScreen

I just got an e-mail from Doug Goldring over at My Today Screen, about their new project Shootouts. Often people see a review of one application and want to know about the competing software, but the reviews of that older application are older, written in a different style, etc. So what would be better than having one amazingly long review which covers all the important players in the field, and compares them?

Such a review is a very big task to complete, and that’s probably the reason that you don’t see a lot of them out there. However, MyTodayScreen just published their first Shootout, and I believe that there are more coming. The subject of the first shootout? Weather apps!

Here it is.  High Noon at the MTS Corral.  We’re standing at the crossroads in the center of town.  Ahead of us, the doors to the saloon swing open as our first competitor strides into the street…Fizz Weather.  The wind starts to blow gently, just enough for a tumbleweed to kick up some dust on the far side of town.  As the dust clears, we can see our second competitor striding up the road…Spb Weather.  The two stand at opposite ends of this crossroad, staring each other down, their hands gently resting on the six shooters hanging from their hips.  Then, a noise sounds behind us.  SBSH Pocket Weather has arrived, irons hanging loosely from his belt.  The game is afoot. We move quietly out of the way as these hardened competitors draw closer to one another. Three will enter this battle, but we already know only one will escape unscathed.  Let the Shootout begin.

Check out the Shootout here!