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Just registered at Twitter the day before yesterday. However, I don’t know anyone in real life that uses it. In the Netherlands there are not that many social network hypes, just a few that are pretty here, like Hyves. Additionaly, not a lot of people use internet on their mobile devices. I attended a lecture yesterday about Communication and Media Law, and we were asked how many people used internet on their mobile devices. Only 2 people out of ~70 raised their hands, me being one of them. So there’s just not a lot of potential for Twitter here (yet).

That’s why I’d like to know if anyone of you know about some fun people to follow, or if you want to share your Twitter username here. I’m thinking about famous people, news sites, etc. Or just people I know from SBSH or other forums or blogs. :)

I’d like to get more familiar with Twitter because it seems really nice, but without followers or people to follow it’s quite pointless. ;-)

For now you can find me at


6 thoughts on “Twitter – trying to get started

  1. Hi Stefan
    I find Twitter more and more useful by the day / week lately. I find it useful for everything from hearing cool news first, getting quick advice or tips from people, answering requests for tips, an more.
    You’re right about it being only as good as the network of friends and followers / followees (???) you have. I think Scoble (I know – not trendy to say you read Scoble) said it best on Twitter when he said it’s really all about following lots of people who are smarter than you.
    Funnily enough, given the above, I like following Scoble –
    Also Techcrunch –
    Lots of others. Think you’ll find lots of sites now encourage you to follow them on Twitter.
    Another decent way to find interesting folks is to check out who is being followed by some of your favorite contacts.
    Oh, and I use several Twitter accounts, but the only one I really manage to update often is ‘justiphoneblog’ …

  2. actually, there are about 15k to 20k users in the Netherlands that use Twitter, at least a thousand of them are doing it more than once a day, but I agree, Twitter has not yet reached the tipping point where it starts to trickle into mainstream.

  3. Those are quite good numbers! Didn’t know that. Then at least those twitterers are not in my direct circle, or I’m not aware of the fact that they’re twittering. :)

  4. there’s a huge group of Twitterazi situated around Amsterdam and Hilversum, just go to one of the local open coffe meet-ups and you’ll discover the most active ones :)

  5. Yeah, I checked some sites where you could find twitter users and indeed a lot of them were in that area. Too bad I’m not there as well, or that Twitterazi aren’t that active where I live. However, I’m having fun with the people I know from other places as well. :)

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