My Today Screen – April 8th 2008

After the release of SBSH PocketBreeze 5.4.1 I have reorganized my Today screen. Now, I have PocketBreeze with horizontal tabs mode, and I’ve hidden the top tabs bar. This was, I have PocketBreeze full screen.

PocketBreeze now allows you to switch tabs with gestures, so if I slide my finger across the screen, to the right, I go to the Tasks tab. One more slide, and I go to the Contacts tab. And one more slide, and I go to iLauncher, which is also a PocketBreeze (custom) tab.
Of course this also works the other way around, if I slide one time to the left, I get to iLauncher right away. This is, for me, a quick and convenient way to get to my information/shortcuts, and the basic PocketBreeze screen is really clear, as you can see to the right!

For iLauncher, I have one tab with my most used applications, and yesterday I added another tab for the freeware games from I am currently trying. If I’m familiar with most of them I will include the most used ones on the main iLauncher tab, and set iLauncher to “No tabs” mode, so that when I slide to the iLauncher screen from PocketBreeze, I will only see a grid with icons.

More images after the break.