XFlib games collection

Today I’d like to just openly promote a developer who provides lots of free games. After reading about TangledBugs on JAMM, I´ve been thoroughly enjoying it, and I´ve reached level 30 in the meantime.  It´s about bugs which are all connected to each other, and the goal is to untangle them, and make sure that the white lines do not cross each other. They will then change their color to green. So, of you see a green line, make sure it stays that way. This is a great game to keep you occupied (currently levels take about 30 minutes to solve, but the first levels are done in no-time) and train yourself to work on a larger task. You can see the progress you’re making, which is rewarding, but the times I’ve tried to finish level 30 untill now have all failed, because I reached a difficult situation in the game with my last 10 bugs and didn’t have the time to work it out. You may think “the last 10 bugs, there are 20 bugs on the screenshot on the right so how hard can it be?”. But that’s level 4, and every level you finish, means that on the next level a handful of bugs are added to the playing field. So you can imagine that level 30 has a lot more bugs to untangle!

This game is made by XFlib, and also has a commercial version, with more enhancements. But since XFlib is not paying me to bring you this article, I’ll just continue about their freeware games. ;-) (However, personally I do plan to purchase the commercial version after the next update, as a ‘thank you’ for the entire games collection)

These can all be found here:
with a small description and some screenshots. Most of the games have a 0.x version number but they work well, I just think that the version number indicates that these game are scheduled to have some updates to them coming up which might bring optimalization, new features, other graphics, etc.

Lots of them are worth a try, but I’d like to tell you about three of my favourites (on top of TangledBugs, that is). So read on after the break and afterwards feel free to check the XFlib games catalogue to see if there is a game of your liking.


Blackflip is a game that comes with over 6000 puzzles included, so you’ll certainly be able to entertain yourself for a while with this game. All puzzles are in a grid and by tapping them once you can see the details for that puzzle (the author, difficulty, etc). Future releases will have the ability to sort the puzzles (for example show all unfinished 1-star puzzles first).

After starting a puzzle, you will see black and white tiles, with a grey border around them. All these tiles can be stepped on, but only once, and all tiles that are stepped on will change color as soon as you’re done.

White tiles become black and, and black tiles become white, and the goal is to create horizontal lines in which all colors are either white, or black. (The grey border doesn’t count). So not all horizontal lines have to be the same color, but inside a line of tiles, all tiles do have to be the same. For example, a solution can be to have 2 white lines, then a black line, then 3 white lines, and finally 4 black lines. Some puzzles are really easy and have several solutions, but a lot of them can be very challenging. The game screen isn’t cluttered with a lot of information, you just use the stylus to draw the line, and tap the last tile to check the path. You can also backtrack by tapping somewhere on your path (not the last tile), and the path will go back that position. If you’re stuck you push the Retry button, and if you want to give up on that specific puzzle and try another, you press Cancel to go back to the Puzzle grid. The first version of this game was just released very recently, but it’s very promising. In fact, it could be considered a must have already! Perfect for small moments, like when you’re waiting in line.


In Hexavirus, you start in the total left bottom corner of the game grid. By tapping on one of the virusses at the total bottom, your virus turns into that color, and it will ‘infect’ all the cells (or groups of cells) with the same color that it touches. The goal is to infect the entire grid in only 30 moves. So in the situation to the tight, tapping the green virus is probably a good move. You will include the green cells that are currently surrounded with yellow virus cells, and also attach some individual green cells, as well as some groups of green cells. (For example the group of 4 green cells at the left border, touching the yellow virus infected group)

If you succeed, you move on to the next level. The difference in objective? Nothing at all, you just need to complete the grid in one less move, 29. And in the next level you’ve got 28 moves, etc.


And finally I want to introduce PocketGravity. You start with an empty canvas, and on there you can draw rectangles and circles. You can move them around and rotate them, and you can attach then to others (displayed with yellow lines). You can then turn on the gravity (there is gravity control, so just slide to move the gravity from positive to negative, and determine the gravity force) and see how your objects respond to that. Of course the beauty comes in when you connect your objects or make them touch each other, so that they will interact.

In addition to object creation, object movement/rotation, and gravity control, you can create free objects (that are affected by gravity), or pinned objects (displayed in red), by toggling the blue cube with black ‘wiggle’ corners on the bottom bar. You can save your scene or load an existing one, and there’s a button to clear your progress. However, if you don’t want to make such radical decisions, you can simply redo/undo your actions.

To get the creativity going, you can download usercreated scenes HERE. Just put the files in the PocketGravity installation folder and you can load them from inside the game.