(having) had server difficulties

Tariq from EtenBlogDotCom just informed me that there are some server issues which make EtenBlogDotCom very hard to reach. He asked me to pass along this information, and let you all know that people are working to fix this!

Also, the RSS feed for EtenBlogDotCom is totally down, so people who were missing RSS updates for that site now know why that is. ;-)

Update: the problems should be over now, be sure to pay a visit and check out the Glofiish M800 review Tariq has been working on in the pas few weeks!


2 thoughts on “ (having) had server difficulties

  1. Thanks for letting the rest know about it Stefan. Much appreciated. It should be back in time by Saturday (I’m hoping) in time for Part III of the Glofiish M800 review.

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