Gesta skin 1.2 for Resco Keyboard Pro

Update Apr 25th, 2008: After Resco started their skinning contest, .cab installers for the skin can now be downloaded from the Resco competition site here.

Update Feb 28th, 2008: With the very kind help of Juanma, there is now also a VGA version of the Gesta 1.2 skin!

Gesta1.2 default1After the initial release of my Gesta skin for Resco Keyboard Pro here, I’ve made one small adjustment here which added a backspace/delete button on the default keyboard view, but it made me split up the skin into two skins, because I thought I had to remove the Fx page in order to be able to add the Backspace/Delete key.

However, quickly after that I was asked why my skin doesn’t allow the user to tap-and-hold on the shift button to toggle Caps Lock. I found out that this required RKP 5.01 and a change in my skin, so I made this additional change and found out that this way I could also bring back the Fx page. This makes it unneccesary to have two seperate Gesta skins.

Gesta 1.2 still has all the advantages it had from the beginning, and some have been added with 1.2:

  • Portrait and Landscape support (QVGA only)
  • Optimized layout so it doesn’t cover too much of your screen, while keeping the keys as large possible for easy input
  • Zoom button preview
  • Pressed state, so even if you disable the Zoom preview you can see which button you’re pressing
  • Between the Space and Enter buttons, 4 frequently used characters are added to reduce the need to visit the 123 page. If you press Shift, there will be 4 additional characters, making a total of 8.
  • Speaking of the 123 page, it contains the numbers, logically ordered special characters, and access to the Calculator.
  • Tap-and-hold on the Shift key toggles Caps Lock on
  • Tap-and-hold on the 123 key accesses the Fx page

Click past the break to see screenshots of all the views in this keyboard skin.

Below you see the pressed state of the Shift button, all letters in CAPS, and the characters that appear if you use Shift on the four characters between the Space and Enter:
Gesta1.2 default_2

Below you see the 123 view in Portrait:
Gesta1.2 numsmall

Below you see the Calculator view in Portrait:
Gesta1.2 calc

Below you see the Fx view in Portrait orientation:
Gesta1.2 fx

Below you see the default view in Landscape mode:
Gesta1.2 defaultL

Below you see the 123 page in Landscape mode:
Gesta1.2 numsmallL

Below you see the Calc screen in Landscape:
Gesta1.2 CalcL

And finally, the Fx page in Landscape orientation:
Gesta1.2 FxL


117 thoughts on “Gesta skin 1.2 for Resco Keyboard Pro

  1. Just sent you the skin, along with all the people who requested the skin in the past. I wouldn’t want to put them through the trouble of requesting the skin again. :)

  2. Hi spmwinkel ,
    can you send me this skin for Resco Keyboard Pro?
    Is it an iSkin or only an “default” Keyboard Skin?
    Is there any way to change the layout into german? (QWERTZ)

    Greeds SavageDeath

  3. Hi Savage, I just sent you the skin.

    I’m not sure what you mean by iSkin or default skin. It contains all the screens that can be seen above, and it uses a skin.ini to format the skin. This is Resco’s new skinning method, and this is also used for the iSkin, perhaps this is what you meant.

    I have no experience with French or German layouts but I just tested the following. In Resco Keyboard Pro options I picked German as Primary Language, and saved this. Then indeed the keyboard showed qwertz on the top row, so I think this answers your question! :)

  4. hey mate i love the skin you made, its what i have been lookin for! can you send it to me! thanks so much!!!!

  5. Hi,
    Your black skin are beautiful, completely matching with the Wisbar Advance II’s theme “BlackWBA”
    Well Done!
    Thank you very much.
    Regards, Victor.

  6. can you pls send me a copy of the keyboard skin..
    i wouild say you work is very neat!!!

  7. Hi Lance, the e-mail I tried to send to you bounced, are you sure you entered an existing e-mail address? Could you send me a message trough my Contact form (click About [me]/contact at the top) with a different e-mail address perhaps?

    A part of the message I got was:
    PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 16): 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a account.


  8. Hi!
    Well done and well designed.
    Resco is cool but needs more skins like your’s.

    please send me a copy… Thanks

  9. Hi Andrew, good to see you here!
    I’ve sent the skin to you and the others – thanks all for your comments!
    xxeyes – if only Resco would think the same…..

  10. Hi spmwinkel :)
    would you be so kind and send me your beautiful skin?
    I can’t wait to try it, it looks very good :)
    Thank you very much


  11. Copy received. Superb, superb keyboard skin! Great job indeed. Hope to see more great keyboard skins from u in the future. Cheers..

  12. hi,
    that’s a great looking skin for kbpro. would appreciate if you can share it with me. thanks

  13. Hey this is a good skin on a qvga device the original skin is quite painful it blocked half the screen. Please send the skin for download

  14. Hi can I have a copy of your excellent Gesta skin 1.2 for Resco Keyboard Pro for VGA device ? Can it support foreign layout like french ?

  15. Excellent looking skin! I was wondering, since I type web addresses a lot on my PDA, would it be possible for me to make “/” more prominent on the main theme, either through a skin.ini hack or otherwise?


    Please send your amazing skin. Thanks!

  16. Hi CCS :)

    Please go into the skin.ini and take a look at the [Default] and [Default_L] sections (make the changes in both to make it work both in Portrait and Landscape mode).

    In there, you´ll find:




    These are the lines defining the four special characters between the Space and Enter keys.
    So simply change 12, 39, 49 or 50 (the one you want to replace with the / character) with 51, which is the number for the / character in the US layout.

    Save your changes, and go in and out of Resco Keyboard Pro settings to reload the skin. This should do the trick!

    P.S. Thanks all for your comments! I don´t respond to everything here, I think it´s more important that I respond to everyone by sending the skin through e-mail. ;-)

  17. Hi:
    I thought I’d suggest you may try putting your skin on
    It would get alot of exposure there, and would be easy for people to download. You are able to attach both cab files, and zip files there.

  18. Cincy – Hi :)
    I’ve considered that, but I guess that if I post it there, there’s no need at all for Resco to put it on their site anymore. I really want it there but Resco simply doesn’t reply to me. :(
    And if I post it somewhere else for download, why would Resco host it then? Which is what I would like the most, in the end.

    I do realize that it’s harder for people to get the skin now, but that’s only because Resco doesn’t reply to my topic in their forums, and to the e-mails I’ve sent them. If Resco would have replied saying they want to host my skin, they can have it on their site. If they clearly say they don’t want to host the skin, I’ll post it to XDA-developers or something like that.

    Just sent it to you as well. :-)
    Thanks for your interest!

  19. Hi:
    Thanks so much for the skin, looks great.
    I completely understand what you are saying. Frankly I am amazed that Resco hasn’t added it to their site. You would think more skins would make for a better product.
    Anyway, thanks again :)

  20. Hi spmwinkel,

    Great skin!!
    Just one question.
    Please help me how to change the skin.ini to get the ‘/’ and ‘\’ caracters right after the space?

    I’m using a hungarian layout, and a can’t figure out what is the code for this keys.

    Now there are the following caracters: ‘ü’ and ‘á’.


  21. Hi Ribag, glad you like the skin!
    If you look up a few comments, you can see my reply from March 15th, 2008 at 7:41 pm. In there I mention 4 keys, you should be interested in changing 12 and 39 in your case.

    Now the HU layout had the / character on key 7 and \ on key 56. So if you switch 12 and 39 to 7 and 56, you should get partly there. However, the / and \ characters are not on the main position for these keys, so you’ll probably see “6” and “í” instead. “Shift 6” should get you the / character which is the secondary character for key number 12. But since the \ character is the third character key 56, you probably won’t be able to get it using Shift. Perhaps the aZ key toggles through the letters so you can get the \ character?

    Sorry, my skin is based on the US layout which is decently documented on the Resco website, but when it comes to German, French, Hungarian etc. layouts all I can do is guess.

  22. Dear spmwinkel,
    Thx for Your reply. Finally it is clear, how does it work! :-)
    I modified the mentioned positions like this:

    I put the TAB key to the first position, then follows the ‘,’ and ‘.’ characters and finally the CTRL key (I use it very often to copy/paste).
    Also I changed the width of the two function key to 23.

    Everything works like a dream, i’m very happy now! :-)


  23. I´m so happy to hear that!

    In the end working with the skin file is not really hard, it just takes some time to investigate and understand the logic.

    Using these steps, everyone can customize their layout. The important thing is that you can always take a look in the language file for your language, in the Resco Keyboard Pro installation folder, to see which key code matches your character.

  24. I would love to get a copy of this skin. It’s the best looking skin i’ve seen. Please send soon, I’m anxious to show it to my friends. Thank you in advance for the great work.

  25. Hi, spmwinkel ,
    your skin looks absolutely superior to those provided by Resco. Could u send me latest version.
    Thank you very much.

  26. Great looking skin

    Especially like the larger Key layout

    I would appreciate being sent a copy

  27. Wow, wonderful skin.. I’ve been looking for a nice large and beautifully designed keyboard. Yours is just great.. Please send me the QVGA skin… Thanks so much..

  28. The problem is that there is no space for a Ctrl key. However, if anyone wants to replace any of the existing keys for the Ctrl key, the steps to do that are explained above. The Ctrl key has key code 52, so just replace any of the current button codes with 52. :)

  29. The skin looks great, resco should provide it for download..
    As that doesn’t seems to be an option yet, could you kindly send me a copy.
    Is there a way to get the Characters äöü for German in the first place, when touching the “aZ” Button? (Now it starts with Spanish, goes to Italian, French, then German).

  30. Wow! Great looking skin! I would definitely appreciate a copy!

    Has Resco contacted you about including it on their website?

  31. No, never heard anything from them. :(
    I could understand it if they didn’t receive my e-mails, but I also posted messages on their forum and they do reply to other people.

  32. Hiya!
    I’ve been using a different skin until now which covers up nearly the whole screen.
    Yours looks really nicer and i love the black colour of the theme.

    Could you please send me the download link or the file? Thanks in advance!

  33. Hi, is the most beautiful Skin i ever see!!!…

    I’m from Paraguay, South America… can you send me this skin to my email?


  34. hi, really nice skin.. really well made..

    can u please email the skin to me..


  35. hey man!!!! that’s a col skin. It has a iphone keyboard look. Can you plz send me a copy of the skin………? thanx in advance……

  36. GREAT work – thank you!

    Would you be so kind to shoot me a QVGA copy so I can admire it “in life and in person?”

    Thank you very much,


  37. Hey Spmwinkel, I just came across your blog whilst searching an alternative to iSkin. Might I say that your skin looks very slick indeed! I especially like how your skin is a bit more compact compared to the iSkin which has alot of wasted empty space and took up a bit too much of the screen. I would very much appreciate it if you could email me a copy to try out. Keep up the good work and all the best in Resco skin contest (if and when they decide to organise it!). Look forward to more of your work in the future!


  38. Thanks for the email Spmwinkel, received and working! My first impressions are that it is the perfect sized soft-keyboard for stylus typing. It looks very nice on the screen and the keys are just about the right size to enable quick and accurate typing. The only thing that I found a little unusual to use was the positioning of the spacebar towards the left. It’s not that big a deal as I am already getting used to it, but I initially would have preferred a more centralised-right position (being right-handed). Other than that, everything is great. Would be nice if there were different colours available too, but I know it’s a work-in-progress and I don’t want to ask for too much :D

    Thanks again!

  39. I see your point. :)
    Thinking about it, I first realize that I don’t want to separate the 4 special character buttons at the bottom. So the alternative would be to put it next to the Enter button, which indeed might look nicer. But on the other hand, it might make it easier to accidentaly press the wrong button (space or enter). On top of that, if you look at the numerical keyboard, you see that below the 4, there are three valuta keys. Moving the four special character keys from the regular keyboard to the left, would also mess up the numerical layout a bit. And considering that I’m in a busy period of time with college stuff, I don’t expect to be working on the Gesta skin in the coming weeks. So different colors certainly are not on the pipeline at the moment.

    However, changing colors is extremely easy when using GIMP, free image editing software. In case you (or anyone else) is interested in trying this, I can create some instructions on how to do this with GIMP. :) Really, installing GIMP is the hardest job. After that it only gets easier!

  40. Your skin was great with VGA with my x51v’s, can you please send me the QVGA one for my phone? Thanks!

  41. I love the look of this skin. Can you please send me the qvga version. The links on Resco’s website seem to be down. Thank you.

  42. hi there. your skin is really awesome. will you send 1 copy for me? i’m using omnia sgh i900. Qvga.

    thx! =)

  43. Really good skin. I just use some skins for Resco but your skin looks better. Please send it to me. Thanks in advance.

    Oleg. HP IPAQ214

  44. Hi,

    Can u please sent me the skin ?
    My fingers will press 2 buttons at once now…hope this will solve it :)

  45. Do you have a wqvga version? i need it for my omnia. Much appreciated if you can send it to me :)

  46. Hi, thanks for your interest. :)

    Unfortunately I abandoned this project a long time ago, and I don’t even know if there were WQVGA devices back then. If you want you could download the existing skin(s) from the Resco site, and stretching the images shouldn’t be a big problem, but reconfiguring the skin text file is really annoying. For every key in every view you need to assign the area where a tap on the screen should register a certain keypress. And that can only be done when you have an actual device with the specific screen resolution. (That’s also how the VGA version was created, it was resized by someone with a VGA screen who could assign each key pixel by pixel).

    I’m sorry that I can’t help you with this. :/

  47. Hi, my phone has a HVGA screen. I wonder if you have one for that. I love the skin you made.

  48. Hi Sophie :)

    Unfortunately I haven’t been using my Windows Mobile device in over a year, and haven’t been active in Resco Keyboard skinning for a long time. So I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to help you with this.

    Thanks for your interest!

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