Gesta skin – update

Note: A more recent version of the Gesta skin, version 1.2, is available here. Therefore, this post is outdated, and the comments have been closed.

 Today I’ve made a small adjustment to the original Gesta skin after some reports about a Backspace/Delete button being missing. Since I’m using gestures with Resco Keyboard Pro, I never missed this, but of course many people will find such a button useful.

Therefore I took the original skin, replaced the Fx button with the Backspace/Delete button, and called it Gesta 2. Gesta 2 doesn’t have a Fx page, and therefore the total skin will require a bit less storage space.

People who will request the Gesta skin from now on will receive both in the package, so they can then make the decision on which one to use on their device. People who use gestures and the Fx page, and don’t need a Backspace/Delete key, should use Gesta 1. Peope who don’t use gestures or the Fx page but do need the Backspace/Delete key, use Gesta 2.

If you would like to use both the Fx and Backspace/Delete key, please go to this page.
There, find the number of the key you don’t need, and find the same number in the skin.ini file of the Gesta 1 skin (only Gesta 1 has the images for the Fx page). You can simply use a text editor for that.
If you´ve found the number of the button you want to change (for example key 54 for the áÜ modifier), change it to 14. Gesta 1 already has the Fx key, and by adding key number 14 you add the Backspace/Delete button to it.

In order to get the Gesta skins, simply go here and download it (or any of the other skins).

Finally, I’d also like to use this oppertunity to mention that I’ve been going into a more busy period of time with my studies, so it’s likely to be quiet on this blog. I fill my gaps of “free PPC time” with betatesting for Astraware and SBSH etc, and simply can’t really schedule the time to write reviews (which always requires larger gaps of free time, close together).