Gesta – skin for Resco Keyboard Pro

Note: A more recent version of the Gesta skin, version 1.2, is available here. Therefore, this post is outdated, and the comments have been closed.

Gesta1A couple days ago, I’ve finished a skin for Resco Keyboard Pro, which is based on the Windows Vista buttons and is large enough to make stylus use a lot easier (even though it’s probably not suitable for finger use). I’ve already sent an e-mail to a Resco contact some days ago but did not receive a reply as of yet. Therefore I just send a message through their official support team asking if Resco can host my skin on their download page. So until I hear back from them, this skin is not yet available for download. [Update: Download the skin here:]

[Update Feb 23, 2008: I’ve made a Gesta 2 skin which replaced the Fx button and screen with a Backspace/Delete button, since the original skin missed the Backspace/Delet button.]

Read on after the break, to see all the screenshots and see how I made some design decisions. A quick summary: it has zoom buttons, landscape support, and I’ve tried to optimize the chosen characters for each lay out and balance their position.


The skin has “pressed state” support, so that you can easily see which key you are pressing. In the screenshot to the right you can see the Shift and 123 button being pressed.
Also, on the screenshot above (the first in this article) you can see that between the Space and Enter buttons, I’ve included four buttons with frequently used characters. When the Shift button is pressed, this adds another four characters, among which is the underscore character. This reduces the need to go to another layout in order to type a period, comma, underscore, etc.

Next are the NumSmall layout, which has the numbers from 1 to 0, and lots of other characters. I’ve put the four characters from the regular layout at the same position, so that they can easily be found. Also, all kinds of brackets ( ) [ ] { } are grouped together (at the right). The other two characters < > can be found on the regular layout when pressing the shift button.


Next is the calculator layout, which doesn’t need much explanation. Again, as with all layouts, there is pressed state support for all buttons, as well as a Zoomed button (seen in the first screenshot) which can be enabled in the Resco Keyboard Pro settings.


And then there is the Fx key, with “quicktexts”. Unfortunately, the layout is not optimal, I’d like Resco to review if they can optimize this a bit. As you can see, the bottom left text, and the two URL’s starting with www, don’t fit on the buttons properly. However, they had to be positioned this way technically to make sure that the text is inserted when you press on the button.


Finally, all layouts are also available in Landscape orientation. All keys are wider and lower, so that you still have a fair amount of screen space over to actually see the text you are typing and a few lines above/below it.






32 thoughts on “Gesta – skin for Resco Keyboard Pro

  1. Very good your skin. Do hou have made it in AZERTY version ?
    Because in AZERTY version we miss a lot of character than _ or \ .

  2. No it’s QWERTY, but almost all the special characters (_ and \ and so on) are on the NumSmall layout, so the letters (abc etc) can be treated differently from the special characters. If someone would like to adjust it for AZERTY, he/she can contact me for the skin and resource files.
    I certainly wouldn’t mind an Azerty version but I have no experience with such a keyboard myself. And to be honest skinning spirit doesn’t come around very often with me, so I don’t see myself skinning again any time soon these weeks. ;-)

    Have a good weekend Masa!

  3. Thanks. I think i will can to try (when i will have time ) to adjust your Gesta on AZERTY.:)
    If you can to send me ressources files i will try to give my best.

  4. Well,
    this skin is a great work!!!
    I request for sending it to me as a zip-File to my e-mail-adress. Would you do that?
    I think the original skins are much too little not only for my fingers!

    Please use this mail-adress: [removed by spmwinkel]
    Many thanks and regards

  5. Hi smwinkel,
    That is a great looking skin. Is it QVGA? If so, would you email it to me please?

  6. Is there a backspace or delete somewhere? I can’t seem to find either one, but maybe I’m just bleary-eyed from getting up too early with my 7 month old daughter. LOL

  7. Hahaha I´m so stupid. I use Resco Keyboard Pro with getsures so I just slide to the left to backspace.

    You can go to
    and there look for one of the keys you don´t need. For example if you don´t need the Au button for special characters, go into the skin file for the skin layout and look for key number 54 in both the sections for Default (the normal one and the landscape one). There change that number at the beginning of the line to 14, which is the key for backspace/delete.
    Sorry for this error! I was quite happy already that I remembered the Shift button, which I also don´t need when using gestures. :p

  8. Absolutely! Just sent.

    People, there’s no need to include your e-mail address in the body of your post, if you fill out the field that specifically asks for your e-mail address, I will be able to see it. :)

  9. Could you please send me a copy of this skin? It is a great match to the Touch color scheme. Thanks in advance.

  10. Yo man… congrats… that skin is looking gorgeous…
    Can you mail me a copy of that fantastic skin?
    And, do you need advertising for it? Make it famous?

  11. Thanks tKool! Just sent the file to you.
    I’m not really looking after advertisement, I just wish Resco would reply to me! They haven’t even replied to the topic I made on their forums.
    Even if they didn’t care about my skin it would be nice if they’d reply to my e-mail and tell me, so that I don’t have to expect my skin to show up on the homepage.

  12. man, if they intend to use only just a little part of your skin, they need your consent… so, yeah, you are right, It is a little upseting to just wait… from 11.02 untill now, eleven days. Anyway, you have my best wishes and hopes for the best. THAT SKIN IS AWESOME!!!

  13. I don’t believe they plan to use it for theirselved, but if they want to place it on their website with my name as the artist, they would get my consent immediately I guess. The point is that they have said on Feb 8th that they would try to take a look after the weekend, but that turned out to be a little longer. You know what, I’ll send an e-mail again to see if they simply forgot about it. :)
    Thanks again for your comments, have a great weekend!

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