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What’s a better way of combining blogging and Pocket PC’s than writing the actual blog posts on a Pocket PC?
However, if you’re looking for software to use, your quest might not be as easy as finding a good game for your Windows Mobile device. Several applications do exist for this purpose, and the two I eventually installed where MoBlog and Pocket SharpMT.

They were both not really very straightforward to set up, but that´s due to the nature of the different blogging formats, and the software has to be able to access as many blogs as possible. In the end, I succeeded to set up MoBlog correctly, only to find out that it added a small line to each blog post, saying that it was created with MoBlog. Of course, due to the low price of the software (free!) it´s perfectly fine that it adds this little message, but if we can prevent this message from being added to our posts, why not?

So then I gave Pocket SharpMT a try (remember to only use Pocket SharpMT on Pocket PC platform; try Phone SharpMT on Smartphones!). It wasn’t easy to find instructions on how to set it up for use on my free though, I really had no clue what my Web Server was, etc. Afterwards things often look really easy, so that’s why I’d like to show you my setup screen.

  • PocketSharpMTFirst, the Web Server should be the complete URL to your blog, just without http://.
    Then the CGI-BIN Path should be /xmlrpc.php.
  • Then set your User Name to your login name for WordPress, and the Password to your WordPress password.
  • The next step requires an internet connection. If you have a connection, press Refresh, and then your blog will appear.

That’s really all their is to it, basically! I’ve tried to create a test post with these settings, and it worked fine for me. :)

For additional questions, the Pocket SharpMT FAQ might be helpful.


17 thoughts on “Blogging on Windows Mobile – Pocket SharpMT

  1. Thanks for the screen shot! I think I dug up something similar from a forum to get it set up but I’m sure that others will find it useful.

    I love SharpMT too but still want something that can easily allow me to tap to insert formatting in the post.

  2. That would be great! I don’t think that a lot of developers are spending time on this though, there’s probably not a large market for this. That’s also because why it’s quite hard to find good instructions or topics where people are talking about blogging applications for Pocket PC, and also the reason for posting this. :)

  3. Actually, you can do some more with formatting – at least in the Pocket version. It allows for custom tag to be added for exactly that purpose. Beyond that, developers that are willing, the entire code base has made it’s way up to CodePlex… it’s all shared source :)

    Speaking for myself, I did the original Pocket version as a lark and followed it with the Phone version because I own a Dash. Since the desktop version doesn’t do many things with formatting the HTML text the same mentality followed for the mobile versions (for better or worse).

  4. Thanks for the reply! Found the formatting options in 3.3. For whatever reason (maybe I didn’t look hard enough) I didn’t find it in SharpMT4. But it’s great!

  5. Sweet. You’ve done the post. I will be sure to add this to Link Love. Very interesting article I must add.

  6. Personally i’ m using Wphone. This is a plugin you install in WOrdpress. After whne you go to your wordpress account with your pocketpc, you have a interface special for mobile ;)

    I will try SharpMT you propose.

  7. The advantage of Pocket SharpMT and similar (MoBlog is mentioned as well) is that you can type the message offline, and only have to go online to post your message. If you don’t have access to WiFi and have to pay for your internet access, this could save you money!

  8. Yes i think that too. I just will try to show french reader on my blog. Like that perhaps they will can to blog from their mobile device. For me it’s ok because i use my EEE to blogging on the go.

  9. SPM,

    I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I have been looking for something like this to do some mobile blogging at My Today Screen. This is exactly the tool I needed. Watch for some new mobile posts coming soon. :)


  10. Glad I could help. :)
    I had some problem finding the info I needed to set this up, so once I figured it out I thought it would be good to post it, to save others some time.

  11. i have been using pocket sharpMT on my htc apache for 6 months. it works great for wordpress sites, except for a couple little snags that i never got to work (but i just did my best to work around them). i never knew that there was a v4 or that the source was opened up. now i have a reason to learn c#. i always wanted to try to make some little improvements to this app!

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