Syncing a PPC on Vista with Outlook 2002?

Outlook Vista Kaiser WMDC

[Update December 20th 2008: In the comments, Scott told me that Outlook 2002 is now compatible with Vista! I now have my data synced between my PPC, Outlook, and my iPod Touch! It took many steps to get here, but that’s OK, it works now. To read about the steps I took, please read the comments below this post.]

[Update March 3rd 2008: I’ve found a solution which I start testing today. It’s described here!]

[Update Jan 12: I’ve got myself a nice new Asus notebook, and Office Home and Student. No Outlook. I really hope to find someone in my neighbourhood who has a spare copy of Outlook 2003 (or 2007) for me to install!]

Lately I’ve been looking at some notebooks, and I’ve seen that all of them come with Windows Vista (Home Premium mostly) and a 60 trial of Microsoft Office Home & Students edition. This means, NO OUTLOOK to sync with, NO Word, Excel and Powerpoint by default after those 60 days. This is annoying since I got my previous laptop with Office fully installed, but okay, let’s say I decide that I want the Microsoft Office Home & Students edition. $150. Then I get Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote. Still no Outlook! That would cost me an additional $110! This will cost me $260 in total.
And then let’s compare it to Office Standard, which includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. So there’s no OneNote, but it does cost $400! Would someone pay $140 more to NOT have OneNote included in the package??

Okay these are just some very basic observations (but still, if you can make sense out of them, please explain to me). My problem is here: if I purchase Office Home & Student edition which trial comes pre-installed, and then want to use the Outlook 2002 that came on the Getting Started disc of my HTC Wizard, that is not going to work! Windows Mobile Device Centre seems to need Outlook 2003 at least and afaik that didn’t came with many PPC Getting Started discs. Now I do have Outlook 2003 on my current laptop, but I can only get Outlook 2002 onto my new one (from that Getting Started disc).

These are US/English facts by the way, in the Netherlands Office Home & Students costs 130 euros, Standard costs 480 or 500 depending on the language, and there’s no possibility to purchase Outlook seperately. So this means that I’d have to pay at least 350 euro’s in order to have Outlook 2007 instead of OneNote 2007. I don’t plan on spending that just for syncing my PPC. But the alternative, relying only on Sprite Backup for PIM data as well, isn’t optimal either.

There are some discussions about this online but not that much, and that surprises me a bit. I guess that there is no solution for this other than getting Outlook 2007 or stop syncing, so this is a very unfortunate situation. Any comments or suggestions (or compaints) are welcome.


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  1. I suggest to use SpriteBackup every night and keep the last 7 backups.
    In addition you could add PPCPimBackup again every night keeping the last 7 backups.
    This is what I do.

  2. Thanks :)
    I’ve been planning to setup scheduled backups with Sprite for quite some time, but just never got around to doing it. I’ll probably not get a new notebook for a little while so it would be good to start getting used to scheduled backups now, so that it will be part of my life when the new notebook comes.

    (And perhaps I can find someone with an Outlook 2003 disc that I can use by that time, don’t know if that would work license-wise)

    Thank you for your comment! :D

  3. Hmm yes I’ve heard about that but never really paid attention to that, might need to do that more often if I see it mentioned somewhere. I’m not too happy about putting all my PIM data online on Google though.
    Thank you!

  4. my ppc is on outlook 2002, is there a way to sync it with my outlook 2007? or should i uninstall 07 and install 02. cheers

  5. I think that if you used to sync with a PC running Outlook 2002, and now have a PC with Outlook 2007, it should just sync the stuff to your new PC, since the info in your PPC is newer than the stuff on your PC (assuming there isn’t anything on your new PC yet).

    But since I don’t have Outlook 2007, I can’t give you an answer that I’m 100% certain about!!

  6. Do what I did maybe, buy a copy of Windows XP for around 99 euros and you can then use Outlook 2002 and activesync and as an added bonus XP will FLY on modern hardware. I still have my Windows Vista Business on another partition but it’s a useless peice of crud even after a clean bloatware free install. I am however still looking for a solution to this as I’m sure over the coming years MS will try to force us to Vista. It is possible to buy Outlook separately in the US however, for around 89 dollars, and I also found a site in the UK,

  7. You’re defenitely right, that would probably be the most logical thing to do. However I didn’t buy a new laptop with Vista on it in order to downgrade it to XP (even though many would consider that an upgrade). I do still have my previous laptop with XP on it, so I can sync if I want to :)
    I just don’t like the idea of powering on the laptop JUST for synchronization.

    At the moment I still work with daily backups, the BirdieSync solution proved to be too unreliable during trialling.
    Thanks for your suggestion! :)

  8. Guys, I don’t know what MS has changed, but I just successfully installed outlook 2002 (the copy that came with my Dell Axim x51) and synced my Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts, with NO errors!!! It all works flawlessly! (I think MS secretly added a hotfix for WMDC to Windows Update)

    I started about a month ago with a clean OEM install along with my favorite programs. After updating to WMDC, I didn’t bother trying to install outlook 2002 because MS said it wouldn’t work. I just tried it half an hour ago and bingo! everything works. Go figure!


  9. That’s really awesome Scott, I’ll give this a try in the upcoming week when I have some time! I still backup my device in order to keep a safe copy of my PIM and contacts, but if I could sync my PPC (and my iPod Touch) to Outlook that would be awesome. :)

  10. If you run into any problems, let me know and I’ll grab a screenshot or two of my installed programs and updates. Oh, I forgot to mention I’m running WM2005, if that helps.

  11. Awesome, it worked – but only to a certain point. All tasks and contacts are now synced to my laptop, and I was also able to sync my contacts to my iPod Touch.

    However, from the Calendar, only the birthdays were synced. The other appointments are not: they’re on my WM 6 PocketPC, but not on my laptop in Outlook. I do have 47 empty appointments today from 8:00 to 8:30 though! (These can’t be all my regular appointments, there should be more of them, so something weird is going on.)
    I checked both WMDC on my laptop and ActiveSync on my PPC but both say that ALL appointments should be synced.

    Any idea what’s going on?

  12. Spmwinkel,

    Oops. In my excitement yesterday, I forgot to mention that most of my appointments got messed up on the first sync. I deleted all calendar items from Outlook and re-synced, which deleted the appointments from the PPC. I then created a few appointments in Outlook as a test, and they synced correctly. Something I didn’t try yesterday, however, was to see if that worked for appointments created on the PPC. I tried it just now and it works fine.

    What you may need to do is write down all your appointments, delete them off both your PPC and Outlook, sync, then create some test appointments on your PPC. If they successfully sync to Outlook, try restoring your appointments from one of your PIM backups. If that doesn’t work, you may need to re-enter each one individually (a pain in the butt if you have > 20!). If that doesn’t work, it might be necessary to do some research on the difference between the WM5 and WM6 sync processes.

    At any rate, we have proved that WMDC does indeed support Outlook 2002, even if the support is not official… wait, I just found this TechNet article:

    Huh. So support is official. Looks like they need to update their Windows Mobile page:
    My guess is they won’t (maybe because they make more money from Office than Windows!). At least we can post comments on all those sites that Google is returning for the search phrase “outlook 2002 sync with windows mobile on vista”.

    They say money talks, but all mine ever says is “GOODBYE!”

  13. Ha! I had 310 appointments that should sync, including some recurring ones (extra steps in the process of creating the appointment manually) and some with notes (if I have a day at college I write down in which classrooms I have which subjects and who is the teacher is). So that defenitely would have been something I wouldn’t do. ;-)

    This morning I spent some time trying to get it work all kinds of ways, and indeed I went the route of deleting all items, restoring them from my backup, etc. None worked. Then after I went away, I got home with an idea, and that ended up working. It’s a detour, but that doesn’t matter, all is fine now. This is what I did:

    First, I used my account to sync my appointments from the PPC to Google Calendar. Then I removed the Nuevasync sync partnership and deleted all my appointments from my PPC (there were now on Google Calendar).
    Then I used Outlook 2002 with a plugin called “SyncMyCal” to download the appointments from Google Calendar to Outlook 2002.
    And then, instead of syncing from my PPC to Outlook 2002, I did it the other way around: sync the appointments from Outlook 2002 to my Pocket PC!
    And of course since the appointments were now correctly in Outlook 2002, I could also sync them to my iPod Touch.

    Scott, thanks so much for remembering this old post and replying here, I really appreciate it!

  14. 310 appointments!? Man, I’m glad I’m nowhere near as busy as you! (In spite of the fact that I’m also a college student and am earning my bachelor’s in less than two years. My secret? Accelerated Distance Learning. (Google it.))

    You might want to post an update to the blog at the top of this page (or create a new entry, which ever will see higher traffic.)

    Scott, thanks so much for remembering this old post and replying here, I really appreciate it!

    No problem. I actually found this site around six months ago-which was when I started trying to get Outlook to behave with WMDC-but when I couldn’t find a free solution I gave up and quickly forgot about it. When I found out I needed to sync my PPC to my laptop I started searching again. Yesterday I found this site again and was pondering whether to buy BirdieSync and give up Outlook, or just live without synchronization when I decided, “Heck, it can’t hurt to try!” I’m so glad I did (and apparently you are too :-) )!

    Sweet Syncs and Merry Christmas,

  15. I’m not that busy! I’ve got two days with classes, one day teaching at an elementary school, and a driving lesson each week. That’s 4 appointments each week. Add ~40 birthdays to that, and things add up quickly. There are also some older appointments in there, even from 2007.
    Hmm maybe 2009 is a good moment to clean up things from before 2008! :D

    I already updated the main post (check at the very top, in bold), and I’ll go google ADL now. :)

    Merry Christmas!

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