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Every day I get people on my blog, looking for Brain School; Plastic Puzzle hints, tips, answers or solutions. Also, readers from JustAnotherMobileMonday often post there asking for help with a particular puzzle. And third, in the Mastersoft Mobile Solution forums, people simply asked for support if they couldn’t find the solution to one of the answers.

Since I got a bit tired of replying to each of those persons individually, e-mailing them individual instructions with a screenshot which I never saved on my PC, I’ll now put up images for hints on the puzzles of the first three stars, after the post break.

This means:

  • No additional support, this is all you get. So requests for more help won’t be answered! (Na nana nanaaa :P).
  • I only give you two pieces on the correct place, you’ll need to figure out the rest yourself. These two pieces are placed correctly and the puzzles can be solved with it. The screenshot was taken right before I finished the puzzle correctly.
  • I only help with the first three stars. I do want Brain School to be a challenge for you. If you still can’t get the hang of Plastic Puzzle after the first three stars, it’s not your game. That’s nothing to worry about, everyone has talent for some games, and is bad at others. I really can’t very far at memory games.

I know I sound a bit strict, but I just want to make sure that I don’t get a load of messages asking for actual solutions. Brain School is meant to be fun and challenging FOR YOU, that’s why you got it in the first place. :)

Simply see the images below. They’re thumbnails, so if you can’t see it close enough, you can click them to see them in their full size. :)
Blue is for the first star, green for the second, and purple for the third star.

Brain School help 1

Brain School help 2

Brain School help 3

Update March 27th, 2008 
Apparently lots of people have problems with puzzle 9/16 in level 5. So as an exception I’ve also posted 50% of the puzzle. I agree that the solution looks a BIT different than the example, but that’s just a matter of sliding the final piece a bit up/down, so with the half on the right done already, the half on the left shouldn’t be that hard. I want to state clearly that after making this screenshot I was able to finish this puzzle with the two remaining pieces, and my solution was accepted. So it should work, I believe!

BrainSchool Star 5 Puzzle 9


82 thoughts on “Brain School – Plastic Puzzle help

  1. Stefan –

    I was just going to suggest putting all these here – great job! I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate this… get ready to get more traffic! :)


  2. Thanks :)

    If Mastersoft finds out about this and would prefer to have the images on the its own site I would send them right away, but this is the second-best solution I think.

    The traffic is part of the reason, but not necessarily that I want to attract more traffic. It’s more that I wasn’t satisfying the traffic that already got here. They searched for help, but I didn’t have any. Now it’s here, and I can satisfy those people. :)

  3. I’m sorry, but like I said in the post, I think I shouldn’t help after the first three stars, in the last stars you should find the satisfaction of solving them yourself. ;-)

  4. There’s a hint in the picture, I’m giving 50% of the entire puzzle away… It wouldn’t be a lot fun if I spoil the challenge. So as I said in the main post, I’m not giving away anything more than the pictures. ;)

  5. I guess my 4 years of grad school was not long enough becuase I can not figure out level 2 3/4 even with your clue… And I think the game is a waste of money if you cant play the rest of the game with out being able to complete each star on each level first. I wish I would have wasted my money right about now…

  6. You should be able to continue the game without getting every star! I believe that after getting 5 stars, you should be able to do the Year 1 exam (from the menu) and then progress to Year 2. Then in year 2, I got new stars both in Y1 and Y2, which are added together and unlock Y3 (after taking the Y2 exam!)

  7. I suck, I just don’t get the Plastic Puzzle game. I see your hint but I guess I just don’t quite get the game yet. Can I use the Yellow sample in the top right as a side of the blask shape? Can I use the edge of the screen? Can you help a guy out with a bit more of a hint, or even better an image of the final setup so I can get how this works?

  8. The top right indeed has a yellow square (in which the solution example is displayed) but the yellow background of that solution example can’t be used as part of the actual solution! You will have to use just the four pieces that you can drag with the stylus, and flip with the softkeys.

    For example, if you look at my hint for level 4-4 you can see that the solution example shows a symmetrical figure. My hint uses two pieces to create one half of the solution. Then you will have to use the other 2 pieces to create the other half of the solution. :)

  9. Am I supposed to create the shape in the black box with the exact dimensions(like if i take a ruler to it)? Sorry for the questions but I appreciate your help.

  10. Oh! The example shape is in BLACK, but you have to make it with the YELLOW pieces! Please don’t try to recreate the yellow background of the example, that might be confusing. In screen 1-2 you see a black line, so you have to create, with the four yellow pieces, a line that is identical to the example, just larger.

    The black example is a scaled down version of the solution you have to make in yellow!

  11. …and does it have to be at the same rotation(parallel to the top and bottom of the screen)? Looking at your 2 sample pieces I do not seem to comprehend how the final 2 pieces will form the rectangle if so.

  12. Glad you’ve got it now! :D
    Because honestly your latest message confused me so that I wouldn’t have known what I would have to reply. So I’m glad you can continue now. ;)

  13. So is it possible for the 2/4 on the 2nd star to have a missing piece. coz even with the picture the other 2 pieces does not have a place there at all!

  14. anyone experienced a glitch in 9/16 on the 5th star, i swear i have the exact shape made, but it wont take it.

  15. that was really weird, it accepted something that looked nothing like the shape, but oh well im done with that game now :D

  16. Mike, could you help me with 9/16. I’ve made the shape but it still doesn’t want to take it. Could describe what kind of shape it takes?

  17. Yes, Brain School is an AWESOME game. I highly recommend it if you like your brain to be pushed to the limits. I’m just finishing year 1, and it gets challenging!

    BUT! Like others, I believe we have found a bug in plastic puzzle 9/16 of the 5th star. I, too, have matched the exact shape (I have a photo, if interested), but it refuses to acknowledge the success. I’ll peruse the Mastersoft site for a support or forum link and post there, too.

  18. i have the same problem with puzzle 9 of the 5th star, please stop my suffering, i need to continue.

  19. For everyone having problems with puzzle 9/16 on the 5th star, I added a screenshot with 50% of the solution to the post. The final piece needs some sliding, so it might not look 100% like the given example, but it’s quite close, so you should defenitely follow the example when creating your solution.
    Hope this helps :)

  20. Thanks for the tip on plastic puzzle 9/16. I tried as many variations as I could before I gave up and quit working plastic puzzles. For those who SWEAR they’ve matched the template, the leftmost piece is much higher than indicated in the template. Now my life can go on… ;-)

  21. OMG this puzzle is driving me crazy!

    Please post more semi-solutions…been working this puzzle for three months….I GIVE UP!

  22. I’m sorry, I feel pretty strongly about people doing the last puzzles on their own. The developer of Brain School also said to me something like “I want everyone to be able to get the first star, but the last star is not within reach for everyone”. So don’t feel bad if you can’t get to the last star on all games, I have the same with memory games!

  23. DEAR ALL




  24. Hi spmwinkel,

    thanx a lot for the solution to puzzle 1-1! I didn’t figure it out in a week, even though I thought I was good at math and tangram.

    But … I thought I had to create the yellow shape because the pieces are yellow. So puzzle 1-1 had to be a square with a rectangular hole in it and it seemed impossible.
    Quite a challenge, but not meant to be…..
    Now I bet I can come quite a bit further.


  25. Beste John,

    Great to hear that my hints helped you. I agree that the colors can be quite confusing, but after figuring it out for the first time it should be a fun challenge in the following levels. There WILL be hard puzzles, but it will be rewarding in the end, when you can say that you’ve solved them all. :)

  26. Wow!

    You people must be great at these things… I cannot even get past the very first puzzle… Even with your tip it still doesn’t make sense.. there are only 4 pieces on there and the final 2 do not form that shape… my brain hurts… :)

  27. They certainly do fit! The small triangle is at the total left, and the other piece is inbetween the small triangle, and the part that I have revealed in the screenshot. :)

    Keep trying, after you get the hang of it you might find the next ones less challenging.

  28. It does make sense once you get it! I gave an extra hint in post # 35. If you can’t succeed, draw the shapes on a piece of paper and cut them out. Take them with you everywhere and ask all the people on the street, in your work place, and at the supermarket if they can help! ;-)

  29. I know you said you aren’t helping past the third star but I’ve been on 5/10 of level 4 for a month now and cant figure it out, can you give a little help on that one?? Please??

  30. Hi Jonesy,

    I don’t have Brain School installed at the moment, so I can’t really answer this question right now. If I’d install it again it would mean that I’d have to work my way through all the other puzzles in order to reach 5/10 in level 4. So perhaps someone else can chime in, if he/she has Brain School installed and has solved the puzzle already. Perhaps this is also the best way to ensure that I won’t help more than I planned to do when I wrote this post. ;-)

    Good luck!

  31. After #35, I got 1/2,then I got 2/2. the second one did come easier after getting the first. thank you.I hope the others open up also.


  32. Help ive been on level 4 5/10 for 3 months now its driving me crasy it looks abit like _/ _\ i would love if anyone could help me in anyway possible \____/

  33. Hi Davi,

    Could you make a screenshot of the screen? If so, please post another comment here so that I can contact you through e-mail. (I can see e-mail addresses of commenters)
    If you’ll send me the screenshot I’ll see what I can do!


  34. You could try to post a message on the Mastersoft forums and see if you can get in contact that way. :)
    The developer has been having computer issues last few weeks so that might explain problems.

  35. I’m stuck on the very first year puzzle 2. the first one (the straight bar) was dead simple, but number 2??? not a chance!! can you believe I’m still stuck after 6 months!! lol

  36. oh, and I should just point out that the one I’m having trouble with is in green second one down marked as 3/4.

    another question though…are the shapes allowed to overlap? I assumed they weren’t

  37. Last week I had trouble with my phone so I removed all the software I didn’t play anymore. So I won’t be able to help with the puzzles any further. Maybe you can recreate the puzzle pieces with paper and try it that way.

    And no, pieces are not allowed to overlap. Good luck!

  38. I just cant pass 2/4 grrrr didn’t know i’m that stupid. Can anyone PLEASE help? its been weeks grrrrrrr :(

  39. Just a note – I’ve been in e-mail contact with Dashed so the question hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  40. hey yo,HELP MEEEEE! I can’t figure out the first puzzle on year one in 1/2. I’m smart because I skipped a grade, but this thing is to gd for me. I’ve been stuck on the same puzzle for 7months!! HHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!! I’d appriciate it. thanks. :(

  41. and hey. yu guys that r stuck on 1/2, lok carefully with the shape that has a pinted end and the 1 that has the little flat part on the top. it,s easy.

  42. Hey mate,

    I see you figured out the first puzzle within 30 minutes after posting your question. That happened to me a lot too! A few minutes after I gave up on a puzzle was the moment I’d find the solution. I really think the hints in my post above should help you out enough. I’m giving you 50% of the solution, I’m not going to give you the rest. It’s much more fun to find the solution yourself!

  43. hey, anyone find something weird n 1/2? I did it agaon for fun but I moved the small triangle a little lower and it accepted it! OMG! :o

  44. That’s very impressive!! If you like Tangrams (that’s the official name of the plastic puzzles), you should ask your teacher if he or she could use them in class. Your teacher can learn you (or your classmates) something, and you get to have fun during class!

    I’m studying to become a teacher myself and I’d love to use tangrams in my classes.

  45. I DID IT! I’M ON YEAR TWO! well I geuss I won’t really be coming back here. mabe I will. anyway spmwinkel , I wanted to thank you for yur help and if you want to keep in touch with me, I’ll check here every day. OK? Bye.

  46. I’m glad I could help! There’s no need to check back here often, I haven’t been using this blog for months. Only when people comment on an old article like this one, I check back and help them out.

    But in this case I didn’t really give you any help, so you did it all yourself. :)
    Congrats on passing the exam!

    • thanks spimwinkel! acually, my mom bought a sample, so that means i can only do the fist stars of Year 1 (first star for magic hats, ect.) she will see how much it costs (how much does it cost?) and install it. so mabe i’ll be asking you some more questions soon. I hope so! :)

  47. hey spmwinkel, to tell you the truth. my mom only downloded a sample, s that means I can only play the first stars of year 1 (first star magic hats, ect.) so I might be asking you some more questions soon. I hope s! :)

  48. Just a small piece of advice: if you are really stuck on a shape, just cut out the pieces from paper and try to find the solution with them. It really helps.


  49. Hi SPMwinkel,
    I am desparately stuck on 8/8 of Brain school’s plastic puzzle and even your 50% hasn’t helped a bit. Please help and mail me the full solution. Hardly anyone in India plays this( none of neighbours do) I am desparate to pass grade I( year one) all the others except plastic puzzle are done and A+ expect for PP. Please help, I can’t eat sleep till I solve it!
    Awaiting your email….

  50. hello spmwinkel, i just wanted to say that when i had the game installed, you helped me with a puzzle that i was lost in. Thank you!

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