Quick tip for users of ThemeGenCE

After winning in the Theme Contest I posted about here, I got a private message on the Aximsite forums by BenThon, the developer of ThemeGenCE (page is in French, but English downloads are available).

ThemeGenCEHe noticed that I’ve been using ThemeGenCE for my themes, and he actually came to me with some tips!
Most often, when purchasing a product, users take into account the customer support a company offers. This will then mean “will the developer reply to my messages adequately when I ask a support question”.
But in this case the developer of a FREE application took the initiative to approach one of the happy users of his software. That doesn’t happen every day!

He contacted me to share a tip to decrease the size of a Today theme created with ThemeGenCE:

If you create a theme for Portrait and Landscape, it makes sense to define four images: for the Today screen and the Start menu, in both orientations. However, starting with WM 2003, there is a registry key which will automatically use the Start image for the Today screen as well. And this is an option in ThemeGenCE that can be easily accessible!

On the Options tab, simply click the “UseStartImage (Start Image Only)”.

The result is that your theme will be only half the size!

BenThon also points out that this tip is described in the help file, but – as he says – “Who reads the help file?”