Tip: Create an IEM Homepage that actually looks nice!

HomepageImagesOk so I just wasn’t happy with the result of my previous post (see THIS). Yes, I was happy with the links, but I thought “if I can have small arrows as images, I can also have large logos linking to my favorites”. So I changed my Homepage, and I think that if you were interested in the previous post, you’ll also want to read this one.

Ok so I’m going to assume you read the previous post, but let’s do a quick recap.
First, we start with an empty Notepad file, and type the <html> tag on the first line. We will then have a new line for each new link you want on the homepage in Internet Explorer Mobile (IEM). Such a line should look like this
<a href=”http://mail.google.com/mail/“></a><br>
where you can change the actual URL (in purple) for any URL you want to link to from the homepage.
Repeat this for every link you want, and then put </html> on a final new line.

Then, we will need to put bits if information between the >< characters in the “></a section. This is how we make the link visible. Where we used the name of the link in the previous post, we can also use images!
This is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is make screenshots of each page and make a small version of the logo. Use the Image > Stretch/Skew and Image > Attributes menu items in Paint to make your logo the correct size. Then, save each image (I saved mine 170 pixels wide and 45 pixels high). Give them any name you want, but I like to keep my files close to each other so I named mine Homepage_Gmail.png, Homepage_Google.png, Homepage_Nu.png and Homepage_SpmwinkelPPC.png.

Now we can link to these images in the Homepage by putting them in the same folder (do that at the end of these steps), and putting Image tags in your html. So between the >< characters place <img src=”Homepage_Gmail.png“> where you can change the purple filename for your filename.

So, now you should have your images ready and your Notepad file should look like this (click to enlarge):


Then, save your Notepad file as Homepage_custom.htm or anything like that (remember to use the .htm extention and it’s a good idea to keep the filename close to the name of your images so you can easily find them in the file explorer). Then place the .htm file and your images in the same folder on your device (the root folder or windows folder is fine, you can do this with the Explore button in ActiveSync). Finally open the .htm file on your mobile device and you can see your result in “action”! You can set this as your homepage by going to Extra > Options and pressing Use Current while your custom homepage is open.


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  1. A quick tip to complement this solution: You can use only2clicks.com to select your favorite sites. Each site will then be shown as a small thumbnail screenshot that you can use for this.
    See an example here:

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