Astraware Classic Collection, Plantastic

Normally I don’t post about just new game releases, but let today be an exception to the rule.

Today Astraware Classic Collection has been released. This is not really the release of a new game (Astraware did release a new game today, Plantastic), but now three success games have been bundled into one pack that will give you one of the games for free!

If you purchase the Astraware Classic Collection for $ 39.95 you will get:

which are normally available for $ 19.95 each!

If you don’t have these three games yet, this is a great way to get a copy of all of them at a reduced price!

Plantastic is an original game that activates your ability to think quickly as you will have to position flowers strategically, making groups of flowers while also safeguarding the options to position your next flower, which are based on the position of the flower before it.

Go check them out!

Astraware Classic Collection costs % 39.95 and is available for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, as well as for the Palm OS.

Plantastic costs $ 19.95 but is currently discounted for $ 14.95 as release promotion, it is available for Pocket PC and Palm.