My Today Screen – November 11th 2007

Today screen 1 Nov 11 2007New device, new Today Screen setup! (In fact, I also updated the page with my Installed Software).

In fact, I’m not yet sure which one of these two I’m going to stick with, but for now I’m liking the bottom one. It has more color than I’m used to, but I really like the white text on it. I’m not happy with the black Home, Launcher and Weather tabicons though.
The top one just doesn’t look “right”, but I do like the Today theme style (one color background with some decorations in one corner).

For reference, I found both themes on the colorful one is Asurastyle 56 by Asura (click) and the black/white is Foji by designedbyme (click). Tips on nice themes are always welcome!

Today screen 2 Nov 11 2007Then the Today screen plugins.
First is the HTC Home plugin. It shows the time real big, and gives quick access to my missed calls, messages and e-mail. I really like the large clock, having the date visible at all time, and the constant notification counters.

I’ve chosen to display two more tabs in the HTC Home plugin: Launcher and Weather. Launcher has Resco File Explorer, Newsbreak, SK Tools, iLauncher System Status (for ROM/RAM/battery info), the Comm Manager, and 4 games. Then there’s the weather panel with the city closest to my home (I’ll have to do with the weather in Utrecht, the Netherlands).

Beneath that is PocketBreeze. I’m running horizontal tabs with the top bar hidden. It seems like I’m running only PocketBreeze, but I’ve got my iLauncher in the second PocketBreeze tab, in order to load the top bar meter and iLauncher’s Task Management functions. I can switch to iLauncher by navigating the D-Pad up from the top entry in PocketBreeze. This will make D-Pad navigation go to the hidden top bar, and then I navigate right to the iLauncher tab! At the moment I’m not using iLauncher’s launching features – for now the launcher in the HTC Home plugin will do since I don’t have too many apps installed.

The left soft-key just points to the Calendar, and the right soft-key opens a popup menu (done with iLauncher) that lets me create a new appointment, task, contact, note, etc.

Finally, I’m using hardware buttons to access the iLauncher Task Manager (the Ok/Close hardware button) and the PhoneWeaver menu (for profile changing, it’s assigned to the PushToTalk button). Long-pressing the PTT-button locks my device using Device Lock (see the Installed Programs page) I still really need to get used to my hardware button configuration, I used to have one of the hardware buttons on the top right side of my device, but I now have my On/Off button there, so of course I can’t (and don’t want to) remap that.