I’ve got the Htc TyTn II !!

I just got home from the Orange shop where they added the HTC TyTn II (Kaiser) to their product line this week. The salesperson and me were able to put together a really nice deal in my opinion, so I took the device home with me right away! I still have some months left on my current contract, so we arranged that my new contract will be activated early next year.

The screen protector is applied and my contacts, appointments, etc. synced to it, so it’s ready to use, but I’ll be installing all my 3rd party apps later.

The ROM is in Dutch, which is a pity, but I don’t plan on flashing a WWE ROM to my new toy any time soon fearing it would break my warranty.

Anyway, I look forward to having a lot of fun with it!


7 thoughts on “I’ve got the Htc TyTn II !!

  1. Thank you! Congrats on your win on the Ilium blog, by the way!

    I was less excited about getting this device than I was about getting my HTC Wizard, but that was my first PPC so that makes sense. It’s a cool update though, with the better ROM/RAM, WM6, 3 MP camera, etc. I particularly like the extra protection of the storage card, it popped out really easily on the Wizard. The longer (but thinner) stylus is great as well.
    What I don’t like that much is the SIM card location: it’s behind the screen, so while it’s easier to switch the SIM card, it was MUCH safer behind the battery.

    I’ll have to see which programs I’m going to install again, I never used PocketWeather extremely much so the weather tab of the HTC Today plugin might do fine, but of course PocketBreeze is going to be a must.
    The downside is the size of the plugin, PocketWeather as a tab inside PB might look better.

    I don’t have a hurry though, I’ve got my contacts etc. synced (made me remember the times I had to manually re-enter all data when getting a Nokia 3310 or something like that, it’s so much easier now!)

    I do plan to keep this device for personal use and do betatesting/reviews with my old device, it’s great to have the luxury of having two devices. (But probably I’ll just use one device for everything after some days/weeks, don’t want to carry two devices)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Must…not…covet…must…not…covet…must…not…covet…must…not…covet…must…not…covet…must…not…covet!!!

    Okay, congratulations!

  3. Congrats, Stefan! I really love the Tilt, too.
    But, since I’m a Sprint CDMA user in the States, I “settled” for a Mogul, which I really love!
    I’m keeping my Treo 700Wx, just in case, but I can’t believe how much more useful and easier to use a bigger screen can be!

  4. Thanks! Once you get used to it all, you’ll want it all. I had a Wizard (QWERTY keyboard, no square screen) and now that’s what I wanted *at least*. Now I have GPS, but no driving license yet, so that won’t be a problem, but I assume that for example if I get a VGA screen, it would be hard to go back to QVGA. Oh and the processor/RAM/ROM increase is great too! :)

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