My Today screen – September 26th 2007

Time for a new lay-out, both for my blog and my PPC! I’m still using SBSH PocketBreeze as my main Today plugin, and have several other applications inside it. I use PocketBreeze with vertical tabs, and without the top tabs bar. The skin is my own Mono White skin, available on the SBSH forums. From top to bottom, the tabs are: Calendar, Task, Notes, Contacts, and the other software programs I have added in PocketBreeze are SBSH PocketWeather and SBSH iLauncher.

 Sept 26 2png

At the total top you can see a battery meter (by iLauncher) which is currently at 99% or 100%. On the top bar, there is an icon for Dinarsoft TapText, we’ll get to that. The Today screen shows my girlfriend. I like this layout where I can see a picture of here, but also have a one-color background to easily view my data inside PocketBreeze.

Starting with version 1.1 of SBSH PhoneWeaver, you can assign PhoneWeaver to a hardware button. If you press this button, it opens the popup screen in the bottom right, where you can activate a profile, return to the auto profile based on your trigger settings, optionally toggle your WiFi/Phone/Push Mail and/or Bluetooth, and access the options. Saves space on the Today screen, very useful!


Next is iLauncher (I will skip the PocketWeather tab since I’m using a beta version, so I can’t show any screens!). I have assigned my softkeys to two popup menu’s. The left one is to quickly start applications and games, and the other is to quickly create a new item. The items on my left softkey pretty much represent the items that I also have in my Today screen plugin of iLauncher. This is useful for me since I can now access the Today plugin with the stylus/thumbs, or the popup menu through softkey/D-Pad control!

My iLauncher Today Screen plugin consists of two tabs. One is for the shortcuts and battery, memory and storage meter. The other is for games: 23 shortcuts to my favourite games! Again I can’t show this tab since it has icons to games that are still in development by Astraware.

The last screen shows my popup menu for TapText. If I’m typing a message and want to quickly insert my name, username, e-mail address, etc., I just tap the TapText icon, the submenu where it’s located, and the item which I want to insert. A lot faster than typing the individual characters!


2 thoughts on “My Today screen – September 26th 2007

  1. Hello, Stefan!

    Nice new look! (And a very beautiful girlfriend, too!)

    As I mentioned some time ago, I am currently aboard the ms Amsterdam, sailing from Seattle to Singapore. We are in the Bering Sea enroute Petropavlovsk as I write this.

    I got my Cingular 8525 PPC to connect very nicely to the ship’s wi-fi network without any problems or reconfigurations. I’m so pleased! Just no cell phone service out here for AT&T subscribers due to a contract dispute with SeaMobile, the at-sea cellular service provider on these Holland America Line ships. My phone worked great on my last cruise…but those crazies at AT&T seem to like fighting more than making money!

    Stefan, a question of concern for you: Do you have any idea what has happened to Allistair Lee, who was keeping up the Mobile View website? I noticed that he has not posted anything new in nearly two months. Do you know what happened to him?

    If you could reply to my email address, if you know anything, I would be most appreciative, as it is much simpler (and less expensive!!!) to get email out here than roam the web too much.

    Thanks, Stefan!

    Best Regards as you pursue your current studies!

    Nick Sabalos

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