Hard reset, and SBSH Clock 0.91 update

Yesterday, five minutes after I left my house to be away for the rest of the day, my device crashed, and the backup I had didn’t solve the problem. So the only alternative was a hard reset, and a total re-install of everything. It did cost me quite some hours to get everything installed, registered and configured again, get WiFi up and running, and get ActiveSync to sync without problems. Anyway, I’m done, and now I have a pretty clean device to take with me on holiday next week, so the hard reset was actually quite useful in the end!

I cleaned up a bit, installing less software than I used to do. Therefore, my list of currently installed software (link) is a bit shorter than it used to be.

Then I’d also like to point you to a new beta of SBSH Clock which was released today. It’s free without any trial limits or expiration date – you just have to register to the SBSH forums for free! Check it out here and read more/provide feedback in the forums here!