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Because I’m having lots of fun playing the games that I reviewed or otherwise obtained lately, the weather will hopefully get better the next coming days, and I’ll be going on holiday in the end of July, it might get a bit more quiet here soon. I’ll be away twice in August, but if the weather is real nice inbetween I’ll probably don’t spend a lot of time behind my laptop. I do encourage to keep this blog on your RSS reader though – you never know when something new pops up!

If your holiday just started and you’re looking for some nice things to try on your PPC, maybe one of these ideas is something for you:

  • Check out JustAnotherMobileMonday or my blog for (game) reviews – there are quite some really good games, utilities and accesoires available!
  • Just go check out the websites of some developers. For example, SBSH, Astraware and Ilium make some really nice software. Also, some less know utilities are available from well known developers. For example, TapText, by Dinarsoft (known from MemMaid), is a nice little utility that’s available from your topbar all the time, and that allows you to quickly enter text in your messages, web forms, etc. I recently “rediscovered” this app and have been using it happily again. Also, various tools by SKKV Software (also known as SK Software) might be worth checking out.
  • Check out Mobihand’s special offers or best sellers for product ideas.

And, since this post is starting to sound like I want you to spend money, finally:

  • JustAnotherMobileMonday has a monthly roundup of FREE games here.
  • SolSie also has great amount of FREEWARE apps listed; under the Free Utilities category you can find some great suggestions.
  • Check out some forums dedicated to Pocket PC’s and browse through some older topics, there’s a good chance you’ll find an interesting read about something, or a suggestion to help you get the best out of your device!

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  1. Thanks! :D (I’m not gone YET though, while I understand that you’re looking forward to some rest as well – my second stay will be in France btw!)

    As an additional tip everyone – look up a post from YoLoLo on the SBSH forums, his signature also has MANY links to useful software – freewares as well!

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