Why reviews are often positive, and Spb rant

After writing a good amount of reviews in the last couple of weeks, and having another one under construction, I’m seeing that I’m pretty much always positive about a game/program. This may raise the thought that I somehow get rewarded for writing positive articles, but I just want to make sure that this is not the case. If I agree with someone that I will write a review (mostly with the developer) , it can be positive or negative – I’m not bound.

The reason that most reviews are really positive, is simple because to me there’s not a lot of fun in writing a review about software that I don’t really like! Writing a review takes some time and effort, and only when I find a game really entertaining I will want to review it and increase it’s popularity.

So yes, if you see a review appearing here it will most likely be positive. That’s ‘part of the selection process/criteria’. But you’ll be sure to find the negative points highlighted as well as the positive, as I encounter them. Hopefully these make you aware of things you might want to pay attention to when you try the trial of a game/program, and it might give the developer a little feedback on which are the strong and weak points along the way!

For some days now I’ve felt the need to clarify that I’m not bound to have a certain opinion or something like that, but today I found the moment to post it. That’s because I was also upset by a software release today, and I just had to get these things out of my system. I initially typed a quite lengthy text here, but I decided to change it and let these images speak for themself. On the left you see SBSH PocketBreeze, Ilium eWallet and Fizz Traveler, and to the right you see the software that Spb released later, looking a lot like to software on the left… I just don’t like it…

[Edit December 4, 2007 – After so many people copying various elements of the iPhone, and SPB also having some really nice features in Spb Pocket Plus and Spb Mobile Shell which show that Spb does know how to make software that meet needs of users in an original and inspiring way, I’ve been abandoning my ‘bad feelings’ against Spb. I’m still using all SBSH software which fits my needs better and is cheaper, but there’s no need to bring more negativity into the world than there already is. If there is user demand for a feature that appears in one program, of course users of a competitive program will pick that up and request it for their favourite software. And if the developer then implements such a feature, he/she shows that he/she listens to the user base. Just for fun I tried the Spb trial package last month and found out that while some software package do look alike, they are also very different. This proves not only that I found that SBSH software currently fits my needs better, but also that Spb created its software in its own way. I’m keeping this post here because it does express the feelings I had that day, but I wanted to edit this in to express that my views have changed.]


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