Follow-up: Astraware Tradewinds 2

Yesterday, I wanted to have a review out quickly (check *this*), so that people who were interested in Tradewinds 2 would have an article to read soon after the release before or while trying the trial. Therefore, I was only able to walk through a pretty small portion of the game: I only made four trips. And while this defenitely did show you how the game is built up, I do feel I owe you an update.

After a couple of trips, the game quickly started to get more difficult. While I had some good marketing deals in the first couple of trips, I also made a mistake once by “buying high” so that it was hard to get rid of my cargo without losing a considerable amount of money. My mistake, of course.

It became a bigger problem when the pirates I ran into became stronger. During trips, or while on a mission for a governor, I started to get challenged by groups of pirates (yes, more than one ship) who also had better ships than I had. This made it harder to beat them, especially once they blasted one of my cannons and I had to beat them with less weapons. Afterwards, I needed to repair my ship, so that made it even more important to sell my cargo for a good price.

Also, storms started to appear every once in a while. When you find yourself in a storm while traveling to Santo Domingo, you can suddenly appear in Curacao, for example, If you really needed to go to a port with a Shipbuilder but get blown away on your trip to that island, you can be in trouble if you need to make an extra trip (having the risk to be attacked again). Also problematic is when your destiny port is taken over by pirates. When this happens you can see a mark on the map, and it remains there until you free that port by defeating the pirates there. It can be tough if a port with a Shipbuilder is taken over by pirates, since you will then need to find another Shipbuilder – and they don’t have those in all ports!

Another bad move was to upgrade my Warehouse as soon as I had 100,000 gold. I had almost no money left to spend on cargo, with which I could fill my warehouse! So I had to start traveling, hoping for pirates to appear from which I could win some money. But then I had to spread that money, because not only did I need goods to trade, I also had to keep my ship in good shape for those pirate fights. For quite some time that warehouse put me in trouble, and while I still don’t use it (I upgraded my ship, which now has a decent capacity for this point in the game), I did get out of my money troubles. I was lucky to find a good deal at the right moment, thanks to a tip I got at a local Alehouse, after buying some drinks for the customers.

So, as you can see, not only was the game easy to pick up, it also became more challenging at a good speed later, and I found myself depending on my savegames already. A tip: if you can’t decide to upgrade your ship or repair it, create a savegame before going to the Shipbuilder. Then you can just see how it works out, and if you don’t like the choice you made – just reload your savegame!

I was planning to play until 11 PM last night, but I found myself traveling and getting out of my money trouble until half past midnight! And I’m not saying that my current position is extremely good, I will have to keep making good decisions in order to feel real confident about my status again.

I think this follow-up post was necessary to provide just a little more of my personal thoughts about the actual gameplay. From my review yesterday, I think that the game appeared easier than it actually is (after getting to know the gameplay), so in my opinion this follow-up post does more justice to the next stages of the game.