My Today screen – June 19th 2007

For the last couple of days, I’ve been enjoying this new lay-out. So it’s time to ‘publish’ it here, along with an update of the list of my currently installed software (some programs added).

In the total top you see the blue bar (just ~3 pixels) which indicates my remaining battery life (100%). This is managed by iLauncher.

Then there is PhoneWeaver for profile management, which indicates my current profile (“Day”), how it was triggered (“Time”, 7 AM), and it shows a WiFi toggle icon. I’ve disabled the other LEDs for PushMail (don’t use it), Phone (always on) and Bluetooth (when I use it, I know that I’m using it just for a minute so I’ll remember to turn it off again too).

Then there is PocketBreeze, with Mickesjo’s tabbed OSX Rev2 QVGA skin (resized by Hezahonker). The tabs are: Calendar, Tasks, Messages, Contacts, PhatPad and PocketWeather (with the new SPIL icons, converted by BoB_55).

Next in line is iLauncher’s Today plugin. I’ve gone ‘minimalistic’ with just one tab. There are 12 icons: three meters from my Mono skinsuite, WebIS FlexMail, SK Tools Clean!, Astraware SolitaireIliumSoft NewsBreak, Resco Explorer, Resco Photo Viewer, SK Tools, Calendar, and Mastersoft Brain School

Finally there are the QuickStart and New… soft-keys, managed by iLauncher. The QuickStart contains some favourite programs, most of which are also on the iLauncher tabs. This is convenient for when I don’t want to get out my stylus and prefer button-navigation. The New… menu provides shortcuts to new appointments, tasks, contacts, notes, SMS messages, Word documents, and Screen captures.

The Today screen is an image of my girlfriend with her sisters daughter, who is ~1,5 years old now. :)