Ilium Software celebration almost over, but…

This week, Ilium Software celebrated their 10 years anniversary. Dockware Pro was given free to 500 lucky people, but everyone could enjoy some cool discounts:
eWallet Pro edition for $ 10
ListPro Pro edition for $ 10
Newsbreak for $ 5

Today, the last day of the celebration, they repeat ALL these three discounts!
So you can get one of the programs with the discount, or get the total package for $ 25. If you realise that eWallet Professional Edition and ListPro Professional Editions normally both cost $ 29.95, you will realise that the entire package is $5 less today, than one eWallet or ListPro will be tomorrow.

Visit this site to enjoy the discount.

Also, a contest is running on the Ilium Software blog, where you are invited to come up with a haiku related to mobile devices, Ilium, or software in general. Three Ilium swag packs ( 2 click-pen styluses, one stick stylus, and one luggage tag) are to be won.

Visit the blog here!

p.s. I just have to say that after almost a month of living without WiFi on my HTC Wizard (since my last hard reset), I finally managed to get it working again. Thanks to a contest at JAMM, I won FlexMail from WebIS, so I will enjoy getting FlexMail and my e-mail accounts up and running again!