My Today screen – June 3rd 2007


A couple of days ago I installed Wisbar Advance 3 (public beta), which allows me to skin my top bar. It now looks like Windows Mobile 6!

In the top bar, I have set “spmwinkel” to display next to the start button. This is my variation of the “Owner Information” Today Screen plugin – it identifies me, but doesn’t take any vertical space on the Today screen. (Not that I’d need any more identification in addition to the background photograph, it’s just for fun!)

Also, WA3 allows me to remove the soft-keys. They do still work when I press the hardware buttons for the soft-keys, but this also gives me 23 extra pixels, which I dedicated to PocketBreeze.
The soft-keys are only hidden on the Today screen so on other screens and inside applications, they are visible.

The rest of my Today screen is still the same as what I described a couple of days before in this post.


2 thoughts on “My Today screen – June 3rd 2007

  1. Hey, very interesting screenshot, I am looking for what you said: “Owner Information” Today Screen plugin”, because Wisbar3 didn’t shows “Start” title. Previously Wisbar2 show “Desktop”, so I am looking for that “plugin” that show “Start” instead of blank title.

  2. Hi sawari
    Do you mean you want to set the title of the Desktop yourself, where I wrote “spmwinkel”?
    In WA3 Settings click the “Buttons” icon, and then on the “Title/Tasks” tab you can enter your custom text in the “Desktop/Today Screen Title” field.
    Hope this helps!

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