Pocket Informant 2007 and PI New Menu

Today I got an e-mail that notified me about the upgrade from PI 2007 to Rev. 4. I’ve been tracking the development for this through the WebIs forums for a while already, but never installed the beta.

Pocket Informant is a weird piece of software. It’s super powerfull, but it also caused annoying issues quite often. So in the end, I often ended up un-installing PI after using it for some days or weeks. Problems that I had included:

  • Alarms didn’t sound anymore (the Reminders on my device were broken).
  • The Link icon didn’t appear in PocketBreeze
  • PocketInformant.vol used to be placed in the \My Documents folder and I often had syncing problems with that.

I managed to fix the first problem through leaving my device’s screen on for a couple for minutes at midnight, when the device does a maintainance routine. Normally, the device only gets 30 seconds to complete this, which is not enough to fix the issue I had with the reminders. However, if you keep the device (screen) on yourself, the maintainance routine can fix this issue and you’ll be good to go.
The second issue required a hard reset in order to solve it for the time being, but if I’m correct both parties (WebIs and SBSH) worked on this in the meantime.
The last issue was solved from WebIs side by placing the PocketInformant.vol file in the root folder of the device.

So now that all my issues were adressed, and several other bug fixes have been included, along with some nice new other additions (see the “What’s New” on the WebIs site), PocketInformant is back on my device!

I really enjoy all the extra power that it gives me, along with lots and lots of customization options. I have a feeling that installation is also smaller than it used to be, since it now takes 3,1 MB of my storage, and I seem to remember that it used to bloat my device more. After installation I quickly registered and started setting up my favourite configuration, and noticed some nice new things which will even improve my use of PI 2007 more.

Finally I have a tip for people that would like to use a “New…” menu to easily create appointments, tasks, notes, or contacts. but think this isn’t possible with Pocket Informant. Please check this topic at the SBSH forums to download a 35 kb .cab file. Put it on your device, install it, and you can use the PI New Menu items! I’ve got these items set under my right softkey for easy access.

I have some good faith that PI 2007 Rev. 4 will stay on my device longer than it usually does. :)