Choices! (Inspired by Agenda One)

…And a couple of hours after the e-mail about Pocket Informant, Alex from Developer One sent me an e-mail. He read the review that I reposted here and notified me about a bugfix (one of the many) which I just edited in my review. This made me check out the version history for Agenda One, which is impressive. I like companies that release small updates frequently. So I decided to re-install Agenda One (today is “Let’s try out updated PIM’s day” anyway!) and check it out again.

In general, the lay-out is still the same as you can see in the screenshots in my review. There’s something special about it, in a good way. Of course, I said I like the power that Pocket Informant offers. But it also makes the screen filled with a lot of information, which doesn’t always look very clear on the screen. Agenda One also has a lot to offer, but it does it with a different user interface.
So, at the moment both Pocket Informant and Agenda One are installed. I don’t know which I’ll choose, and it’s possible that I’ll just uninstall both in the end. Because sometimes, that’s what happens. Another example of that is when I install WA2 (Wisbar Advance 2) and WAD (Wisbar Advance Desktop). I start out by thinking “I’d like some more eye-candy in my top-bar” which makes me install WA2. Then I get in the mood and also install WAD to really get creative. But in the end, I’ll just uninstall both because of the resources they use. (Although for the past couple of weeks, Chris has been really doing a good job making his software lighter for the device!)

When it comes to my PIM and software from Lakeridge Software, that’s the “story of my life”. I install, enjoy it for a while, find out that it’s “too much to fit my needs”, and uninstall it again. That process repeats itself every couple of weeks. But that’s okay, because it keeps me busy! I like choices, also when it comes to the Settings in a piece of software. There’s a reason that PocketBreeze is my favourite piece of software, along with iLauncher. They have many settings, and I love to tweak that one small setting that improves the way I use my device just a little more.

In some way it always appears that WebIs is in first place, and Developer One comes second. Just like SBSH software seems to be used less than Spb software. However, that’s probably more due to advertisement than due to the quality of the software, because in the end, all the companies I mentioned just make quality software. So it really comes down to user preference. For example, I prefer SBSH over Spb. Big time. When it comes to WebIs vs. Developer One, I’m not sure. I don’t use those PIMs often enough to have a really well-thought preference, so for now I’ll keep both Agenda One and PI 2007 installed. In order to balance my previous post I had to write this article, because at this moment, the Webis vs. Developer One score is 1 – 1.


2 thoughts on “Choices! (Inspired by Agenda One)

  1. Stefan–Just Fyi–Alex Kac does PI, John Psuik (or whomsoever you communicate with) does AF.

  2. Hi Sandra and thanks for dropping by! The e-mail I recieved had the name Alex before tha @ and “” after it, and the sender also signed with “Sincerely, Alex”. Maybe it was someone from their support team?

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