My Today screen – May 30th 2007

In this serie of posts, I will update you about my Today screen. The Today plugins that I use hardly ever change, but sometimes I change the Today screen, or how some Today plugins are used in tabs or not.

Let me walk you through my Today screen.

I’m using a Today theme that I created myself, containing a photograph of my girlfriend and me. The Top and Bottom bar are solid, since I don’t like the WM 5 gradient too much.

The first plugin is PhoneWeaver by SBSH Mobile Software (please check the various categories (Software, Reviews) to see if I wrote anything about the software that I mention in my posts). It allows me to have Profiles back on my WM device, something that I loved on my Nokia mobile phones. I don’t have a very complex schedule, so I only use PhoneWeaver to automatically turn off my sounds at 22:00 at nights, and turn on the sounds again at 7:00 each day. On sundays I allow myself an extra hour of sleep, so on sundays my sounds will be enabled at 8:00.

The second Today plugin is PocketBreeze by SBSH. It’s absolutely great for organizing your life, since the default Calendar and Tasks Today plugins don’t really show you a lot of information. I have several tabs enabled in PocketBreeze, and this is where I sometimes (not often) change a bit of my Today screen configuration. At the moment, you can see (from top to bottom): Calendar, Tasks, Messages, Contacts, PhatNotes custom Today plugin, and Weather. The Weather application that I use is SBSH PocketWeather, which contains a Today plugin and a WeatherConsole wich displays more advanced weather details.
The skin I use for PocketBreeze is a skin that I made myself. It’s called Mono and can be downloaded from the SBSH resources forum here. It’s really useful for use on top of a detailed Today screen image. I like to have a functional skin, but at this point I don’t want to make the skin what’s my Today screen is all about.

At the bottom you can see iLauncher, also by SBSH Mobile Software. It’s a launcher, and a lot more. As you can see, I have 4 tabs. From left to right they are Apps, System, Games and Meters. Each tab contains 6 shortcuts to programs, system tools, or games that I use most. The last tab gives my info about the remaining battery percentage, free memoy, storage space, etc. The icons I use are icons that I create myself, by taking the original icon and removing the pixels that are not to be used. The other are made white. As you can see, I still have to do the Astraware Chuzzle icon. I’m lazy though!
iLauncher comes back to two other places on my Today screen. First, I already told you about the solid top bar. What you can’t see, is that the top pixels are seperated from the Today screen Top bar. But, as soon as my battery percentage goes below 100%, I see that the horizontal bar gets a little shorter, and on the right I see a white space indicating my lost battery percentage.
Finally, iLauncher also regulates my soft-keys. The left soft-key pops up a menu with my 7 most favourite applications so that I can quickly open them by just using hardware buttons. The right soft-key is a New… menu, allowing me to easily create a new appointment, task, note, contacts, SMS message, Word document, and Screen Capture. (For screen captures I also use iLauncher)


4 thoughts on “My Today screen – May 30th 2007

  1. What a great Today’s screen !

    Maybe the model is working for that appreciation…

    Err… I wasn’t talking of YOU !!! ;)

    ROFL !

  2. Thanks YoLoLo! Maybe I should add a section and write a little about her too, right? Since she is part of the Today screen… :D

  3. Tell her before… Some gals are very shy, and don’t want to have [i]public[/i] life exposed on the WEB !!! :D

  4. That’s why I don’t post my Today screen in the SBSH forums that often, if I post it only here I can easily keep track of it. :)
    She also has a picture of us online at here profile on a community website so it wouldn’t be really fair if she’d have a problem with me posting this. ;)

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